Great Fun

Ladies, would you like to “reduce your Mister Superman to a quivering soft blob of sensuously exploded jelly”?  Guys, would you like to “feel like your toes are blown off” and have the closest thing to the out of body experience women sometimes talk about when they describe their best *******?

When I was a boy and young man, I knew getting ****** felt good, but I honestly had no idea that there was a real reason.   Eventually I made a decision to be a monogamous heterosexual husband and pretty much forgot (or blocked) the fun of anal sex.   I did such a good job of it that I would become jealous of my wife’s *******!

25+ years passed before my wife and I began to visit my *** and many things had changed.  Now, we had the Internet and I had heard about the prostate.  I immediately began to research the prostate and discovered several things.

Apparently we must first worry whether or not we have any kind of a medical condition involving the prostate, anus or penis before stimulating the prostate.  If our prostate is not healthy we should not participate in prostate activities.  Also, I was rather stunned to discover that using too much force through the rectum wall could damage it as well.  *That was very disappointing since we all love to bang our wives hard and they love it when we bang them hard.* However, several FAQs said, “Use minimum pressure and reasonable vigor, or damage to the very sensitive soft tissues and nerves may occur.”  I don’t know what minimum is, but I suspect that as long as it feels good, you’re good.

Techniques etc. for this fun activity are available all over the internet and isn't the idea of "reducing your Mister Superman to a quivering soft blob of sensuously exploded jelly” a fantastic idea?

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sobroken - go to yahoo or whatever and create an account for the sole purpose of collecting the pamphlet. When it asks for your first name type So and your last name is Broken. I get a giggle when hotmail greets me ... "welcome back married".

i would love to learn a bit here too married2bf everything i do know about ***** is how not to do things, (a bit too late i'm afraid) and a little i read here, If you could find the time i really would like you to contact me here, as i was not sucessful at writing to you.<br />

plasticpantylover is only 80% right. He will love you until the day <strong>he</strong> dies! :) eh?

IVotedForPedro If U love your boy friend , give him 1 , he will love U till the day U die !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL!!!! Oh come on Betty.... go look at one.... hehehe!!!! *wink*

LOL Betty :-) It's Aneros, it's a prostate massage toy....check it out...

I think it's very exciting to watch!!! :-)

I would like to experience a prostate ****** myself.

I'll be sending you an email for the booklet as well - Would love to try your info out!

Thank you for your story, loved it!!

talking about flying high. wife milks me about every two weeks, a little longer if i'm on the chastity device. the right touch makes all the difference

I don't know what to say. Telling me that there are some men who don't get pleasure from their prostate is like telling me that some days the sun doesn't rise.<br />
<br />
Anaeros, I assume is a numbing gel and I would think that would work against feeling anything. Lots of lube and thin little ob<x>jects to start.

Unfortunately I am someone who doesn't find stimulating the prostate very pleasurable (and feel I'm losing out). I tried an Anaeros too. I asked the urologist and he said that some guys just react that way. Any ideas about how to get pleasure out of my prostate? Would LOVE a no-hands ******. Haven't had one in almost 50 years.

Send request to and I'll reply with the booklet.

I would like to read that if I could. My wife milks my prostate regularly and I would like to read what sort of information you have. Thanks in advance.

anytime! I have prepared a full booklet of my research if you want it.

Thank U 4 your story !!!