Involving My Partner

Ok....  so I've known a while that I have enjoyed anal/prostate stimulation.  Have practiced it on myself for some time, never have found quite the right position to self administer though.

My partner and I have been chatting about boundaries recently and she kinda knew I liked what I like even though it had never been dicussed.  She did not completely shy away from the idea, she was adverse about using her fingers.


My question is...  she is not easy to bring up new ideas with, and although this has been mentioned now I know if I bring it up again I will be seen as pushy.  I would like to naturally get her to do soemthing there, more that likely use a toy on me.


Any ideas on how I can help make this happen?

mistergav mistergav
1 Response Mar 13, 2010

it is the best, my wife doesn't but my ex did and have found it elsewhere a few times. get a multi speed toy and insert you will be amazed and your balls will feel like they truly have been emptied.