It's A Great Feeling!

Having a nice, warm, wet mouth engulfing my rigid **** is a feeling like no other. My wife has an amazing talent at giving a man some fantastic oral attention.  Come to think of it, both of my previous wives were pretty good at it, too.  The main thing that all three of them did was just relax and enjoy the feeling of my **** in their mouths.  It's great to be able to lay back and let someone enjoy my **** and balls to the fullest.  One thing I found out after many years is that, if you do just that - lay back, relax and close your eyes - it really doesn't matter what the gender of the other person is, if they know what they're doing!

Now, the only thing that disappoints me about receiving oral sex is that I have never been able to *** with someone just sucking my ****!  Even going back to when I was a young guy full of *** and hard all the time, I could enjoy a good blow job but I could never *** that way.  My first wife could suck my **** just fine, it would feel fantastic but no ***.  I'd get to a certain point, but then she would have to stroke my **** to make me ***.  The same has been true all my life.  I love having someone suck my **** and play with my balls, but to make me *** takes a combination of good sucking and stroking.  Not that I'm complaining!  I have no problem with getting sucked as part of an encounter, then ******* a ***** until I ***!!!

As much as I enjoy receiving oral, there is still nothing I like better than giving oral to a woman.  There are times I think I'd rather eat ***** than **** it!  But, my **** eventually wants to crawl inside some good ***** and wallow around for a while!!!
SwGaMan SwGaMan
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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

We're right together on this! I met my wife when she was 19 and I was 23 having spent 4 years in the USAF and had had some great sex around the world. She had never had a man's **** in her mouth but having heard some of my stories wanted to try it. She liked it. I loved it! She learned quickly and was damn good. I wanted to watch her giving head to some of our ********* participants but she wouldn't. I ate my first ***** at 19 on the beach at Biloxi, MS. and have loved it ever since. Now, I just don't get as may opportunities as I'd like.