One Time Only But What A Time

I do like receiving a blow job what man doesn't but over the years the really good ones have been few and far between.
The one that really stands out was a long time ago from a girl friend who point blank refused to suck my **** we were together for years, other than that one thing sex was great between us, we split up after about four years but that's another story. Six months later i had had anoyher partnet in that time abd so had she, we started seeing each other on a casual basis we would go out have a laugh and end up ******* like crazy.
One time see worked her way downtown my **** I was expecting the usual tease but no she proceeded to give me a amazing blow job afterwards I was so suprised all I could say was" were the **** did that come from"
I rarely use the word awesome but it really was the best BJ I have ever had none have come close since.
We tried to get back together but it never worked so we parted as friends which was nice but eventually we stopped staying in touch, hope she is happ.
Acidarchie Acidarchie
36-40, M
1 Response Jan 14, 2013

I have finally found the right man. I love giving him blow jobs and he go crazy. He loves to go down on me and makes me feel incredible. I have never enjoyed sex with anyone the way I do with him. I go into a different world. We have been together a year. I hope that one day we get married so I can blow him everyday. I know how much he loves it. I try to relax my throat so I can deep throat him and he can *** in the back of my mouth without me tastings it. He is well endowed sometimes this difficult, it is also we are both so turned on and excited. Next time we go out to dinner I think I will surprise him before and give him a blow job in the car. He will live it!