The Bar Scene Pickup

Me and my ex girlfriend use to find a male for a 3some (mfm) at a bar!
I would have her walk in first and sit at the bar, so she could flirt with several of the men. I would come in and sit at a back table about 5 mins later. She would tease the guys including them them the view up her skirt w/o panties, lol! Once she found a guy she liked and wanted to do more, she would signal me with a pre-arranged signal of fixing her earring. Then she would proposition the guy with her hand on his thigh, rubbing him! She would tell him she had always had this fantasy of doing two guys together! Would he like to help her accomplish her fantasy. If he agreed, she would point to the guy at the back table (the B/F) and ask if he was willing to come over and meet her boyfriend and discuss doing it all together. If he agreed, they proceeded over to my table and we checked him out together before inviting him to a motel room across the street, where we would have great fun doe a few hours & sometimes all night, if the guys were up to all that sucking & licking! We had this bar next to a motel that seem to work out perfect on a weekend night! LOL!
Barebeachbum Barebeachbum
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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

Sounds hot. Did u ever do anything w the guy? What all did you & your gf do with the guys ?