The Cyber Library

  • The best thing about our world is the Internet.. I love researching anything I feel curious about..  In a few seconds I have answers to health issues, recipes,history and business concerns.  Kids are catching on and they're great learners.  Three year olds can use a PC..mine do at school.  I encourage the use of public libraries's the  right thing to do. Book appreciation is vital. I think the library may be gone someday.  How sad but it's not far fetched.  ;(

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We'll have virtual libraries, which are cheaper and easier to access,<br />
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Great post

Same here :) I have been told that I have too much info packed in this little brain. (Too much??!!) Funny thing is, is it most of the stuff is so random, unless I am very intrigued by what I research. Psychology, nutrition and things like that are my absolute favorites. :) Nice to see that someone else shares the passion!

Learning is the key word in my life too.It's nice to go on line & get a education on any subject. I love it.

OMGosh I feel the same way!! I am constantly learning and researching about mental and physical health. Recipe's (usually allergy related) history and pretty much ANYTHING that sparks my curiosity at any given moment. Some call me the Jack of All Trades because of it. LOL Yet even still, I am the master of none... accept for research!!<br />