I Love To Research Facts About African American History

It all began 20 years ago when I was researching information about the life of Martin Luther King  for a poem I was writing for a poetry contest. As I began to write more poems about people and events of Black History, unfolding before my eyes was a story of a incredible race of people. Throughout  the long ordeal of Slavery Black Americans displayed tremendous strength of will.  Imagine being taken away from your native land transported to far away land imagine losing your tribal language , customs, religion ,how your village was governed, seperated from family, friends and losing your birth name. When you arrive to a strange and distant country you are denied the dignity you once carried as a free man woman or child. The system of American slavery was harsh and brutal it was a world of denial even the simple act of reading a book or any form of education was forbidden. The labor was harsh, beginning at dawn and  depending on the crop and season long after the sun set that's when it would end.   If you were born a slave you probably would die as a slave. All of us, no matter what race we are, can learn from the people and events of African American History. It can make you  a better and stronger willed person after reading about a race of people who triumphed over a cruel  and horrible environment.

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I like African American History also. I kind of just fell into it. Big fan of blues music, I always have been. Read some books, related to the time frame I was interested in, then just couldn't let it go. Blues music originated in the Mississippi Delta, a lot of it in Sunflower County close to Clarksdale. I have made 2 trips up to the area and each time learned lots about Blues Music and the history. It's just fascinating. Ever feel like chatting, hit me up.

Your story was well received, well said,. I loved it.

Thank you for responding. I know now that what I wrote wasn't in vain. Four years have passed since I posted this small expression and what I would like to add now in 2014, an in depth look at African history should have long also created a determined spirit in all Black Americans to unite together and never allow Black on Black crime to permeate our national community. Readings from the slave and Jim Crow should have stirred us enough to make a vow to always stand together in love and unity.Black history texts are also great self help handbooks if you take time and see beyond a compilation of facts and dates.
Thank you again for reading my post I wish the very best for you
God bless :)