Like Of Hazrat Khadija R.a Briefly

Khadijah bint Khuwalid or Khadija al-Kubra was born in c.555 C.E, in Saudia Arabia. She was the first wife of Prophet S.A.W. She was the daughter of Khuwalid ibn Asad and Fatimah bint Za'idah and belonged to the clan of Banu Quraish. She is important in Islam as Muhammad's first wife, and "and the mother of Islam". Three of her daughters would go on to marry Caliphs: Ruqayyah and Umm Kulthum married Uthman, and Fatimah married Ali. Khadija's father, Khuwalid ibn Asad, who died around 585, was a merchant, a successful businessman whose vast wealth and business talents were inherited by Khadija, who successfully managed her father's business interests and preserved the family's fortune. Khadija earned three titles: Ameerat-Quraish (Princess of Quraish) and Al-Tahira (the Pure One), and Khadija Al-Kubra (Khadija the Great) and was said to have had an impeccable character. She used to feed and clothe the poor, assist her relatives financially, and provide for the marriage of those of her kin who could not otherwise have had the means to marry. Khadija was said to have neither believed in nor worshipped idols, she was a christian before converting to Islam. Khadijah bint Khuwalid died in c.619 C.E. at the age of 64. However, Muhammad worked to be sure that Khadijah was remembered in the best light, and honored her even after her death. If a gift was sent to Muhammad he would not hesitate to have the gift sent to a woman who was a friend of Khadijah, showing the kindness and compassion that Khadijah exhibited during her life.
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