Horse Are My Therapy, Freedom And My Life

I was in a bad place as a child and i remember wanting to take horseback riding lesson but my mother said NO. I ended up going into DCF and going to program and i went to a private school and met the farm teacher. Not only did i gain a riding instructor but a friend and mother. I rode as much as i could at the school then i moved in with her and she owns a good size farm with like quite a bit of horses and some other animals. The horses became my therapy when i was sad, mad or just needed to talk i could go see a horse. I had one horse i loved she was crazy and i  never knew if i  was staying on or falling off when  i rode her. We had alot in common which made her and i get along better then anyone else. Riding became like a freedom i could be who i was while riding. i owe the horses to be the best i can be because they were and still are always there for me.
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they are the best

this is very well written. i am the same i have had bad things happen to me, but my horses were and still are my freedom, and to me, they heal me. horses and animals in general help heal broken hearts. thats why i love them. they fixed and continue to fix my broken heart