I Can Ride All Day

I have been riding since i was six, and fell in love with horses. They are my favorite animal now. I can ride western or english, but i prefer english and i am writing a childrens story about a girl named kally who works on a horse farm and saves it and a horse, and does competitions. I guess my favorite horse to ride is the palamino quarter horse, but the most beautiful to me is the white Arabian. to my friends, im the horse nerd, i could go on about the tack, the breeds, the names of markings, and more. Im hoping to find a new place to ride, and quickly! i havent ridden in six months! i long to own a horse, but i live in an apartment. I love gallopping, but im soo nice to horses, i give them a break after only a few minutes of galopping. i used to live on a horse farm, that didint last long, but it was great, the sweetest horse named mary liked to cuddle with me. She would rest her head in my lap, (with me sitting on the fence)and i would hug her around her snout and sit like that for ten minutes or so. I miss her, and a funny horse named luigi, when you scratched him behind his withers, he would scratch your back with his nose. Talk to you later horse lovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dammann1386 dammann1386
May 10, 2012