When I Ride..

Ridding horses just reminds me of a simpler time, and you can really get into a conversation with a person your ridding with. I like to ride with other people but I really like to ride alone because its just me the horse and nature. I get time to clear my head and just enjoy where I live at, and just feel that freedom that I can go anywhere. Riding just gives you a chance to actually look at whats around you...look at the detail...go on a little adventure...The best feeling is when the horse runs and you just let them go where they want, unless they are trying to go to the barn then thats not cool till we are done haha. Then there is that connection between your horse and you.

I believe that my horse understands me, I know that may sound weird but sometimes when I'm feeding or getting ready to ride I talk to her and she looks at me like she understands every word and emotion. I just love it, sometimes when i'm just walking around the field i'll walk up to her to pet her and she might put her head against mine, my boyfriend thinks thats just the funniest thing, then she'll start following me around the field.

I love ridding horses! I cant wait to go on a big trail ride soon!!
18-21, F
Jan 14, 2013