I Feel Alive...

my love of motorcycles started at about 8 yo. I started on mini-bikes and have progressed to racing vintage motorcross events whenever family permits.

I was fortunate ti have the opportunity to start riding and racing in 1999, and having been doing as much racing as I can since then.

It used to puzzle me about why I like riding so much, because at times, it scares the c***p out of me. - I have come to conclude that is the very reason I love it so much.

It is the personal challenge. In a world where so much comparison is made, I don't feel the need to compare myself with anyone else when I am on a bike. When racing, I race myself, and enjoy the rush.

The other aspect is feeling alive. I work 9-5 in an air conditioned office. I get on a bike and I get to experience the sight, smell, sound, touch and effect of adrenalin (and what ever else the brain dumps into my system). It is a full body experience.

I get to fly! - even for only short periods.

I find the high - a natural high - I get from riding carries over to all apsects of my life

cuphalffull cuphalffull
46-50, M
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i'mwith you on that one cj.<br />
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what do you ride?