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I am never happier than cycling along country roads, especially in spring or summer. You can enjoy the sounds, smells and sights over a much greater area than is possible on foot and really give yourself a good workout on steep hills. Careering down the other side is an exhilarating experience.

The time I decided to perch a video camera on the handlebars and cycle along, giving a commentary, did not end too well, as I found myself on a hill, could not hold the camera and control the bike and duly ended up in a mangled heap, at the side of the road! The price for saving the camera was cuts and bruises, since I could not fall properly. The recording of this embarrassing event survives for posterity!


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That sounds even more fun than the original story! (Only just seen this, as the "notify me" box was not checked.)

Go to Kansas and take a bike ride with a Camre. You will find the every frame is the same. Plus, you will be pitten by every varmit you can imagine including killer bees. Then some pot bellied depudy Sherriff will pull you over arrest you for killing varmits withour a licence.