I Did a Double Tanscontinental 7k Mile Ride

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Have you ever wanted to or have you ever ridden transcontinental?  I have.

I would like to hear your stories.  It is an experience few have accomplished.  I wish I could do it again, but now I am old, fat, and responsible.


sexlessincolorado sexlessincolorado
46-50, M
1 Response Feb 9, 2009

I thought I was old and fat too. 260 on a 5'10" fr<x>ame, you get the picture. Started by walking a year ago, eventually added back cycling and some jogging. Now I am down to 205. I used to love cycling, never did anything to crazy like your 7000 mile trip, just like to get out on the back road and ride. Like you life got busy and I lost a little of me along the way, well I found him recently and he is back on a bike. I joined a bike club and found others that enjoy the sport as much as I do. This summer I am going to ride in RAGBRAI for the first time. So please don't turn away from something you love, give it another try.