Out of Shape!

We're enjoying a warm day here in the mid-Atlantic US.  The first local supported ride of the season is coming up on the 28th of March, a rather hilly 100 km, not too far from my home.

I've been riding on flat terrain a little, but figured I'd better get some hills in, so I took advantage of the warm weather this morning to do 21 miles cutting across the local ridge structure to make it hard. Ouch! I've gotten softer than I thought over the winter, and there are clearly some bike muscles that don't get worked in ice dancing.  At least I did it...three more weeks or that's going to be a rough 60+ miles...

Sliderule Sliderule
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2 Responses Mar 7, 2009

When riding from home, hills we've got. :) I can't get out of my town without a climb of about 2 miles at 8%, so the beginning of any ride is the hardest.

If you don't have hills by you another trick is just make sure you ride into the wind. This helps build up your legs too.