Bike Rehab

I used to live and surf in hawaii and found my zen moments in the ocean. Eventually, the politics of surfing and a change in islands let me to bicycling as my main outdoor exercise. My brother used to race bikes at the amateur National Team level in europe, and he taught me a lot about how to ride a bike. We would go on long bike rides and try to train in intervals like Lance Armstrong, with heart rate monitors and everything. When I was in really good shape I would go for 3.5 hour bike rides, non stop. Eventually we got tired of the glass on the roadside, flats, and Hawaiian drivers who don't want to share the road, so we bought some Mountain Bikes to travel dirt roads and off road paths as well as the paved roads. There are more unpaved roads in Hawaii than paved roads. The bike cost around $500.00 new, Trek 4500, and eventually replaced every single component, probably costing around $1500.00 more in parts.

10 Years later I am recovering from ankle surgery, and I still use that bike for low impact exercise. I can't run, and even standing hurts after a while, but I can fly on that bike, and it still works fine, with only a minor tune up. I ride along the American River bike trail in Sacramento, ca.. which is a 32+ mile paved bike/jogging/horseback riding trail along the American River. I listen to my mp3s, enjoy the scenery, including ducks, deer, and birds, and enter a wonderful zone for my cardio workout; usually 18-25 miles, 45 mins - 1.5 hours.

My bike is kind of heavy with knobby tires, and everyone else on the path zips by on road bikes. I'm tempted to get a road bike, but I keep telling myself that A) I have a good bike that costs me Zero money, B) I can get a great workout in a shorter distance with a heavier bike. Twisted logic I'm sure.

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I live in Hawaii and its a great place to bike