i am united with this energy effiecient, carbon footprint depleting, enjoyable, saratonin shooting, cleansing, fresh, new way of transportation to and fro work. though forteen miles one-way, i first embraced the idea yet being more winded than i should. a few weeks later, six pounds lighter and more balanced, i had achieved what i hadn't even thought to, a liberating discovery of a newfound hobbie i now cannot give up because i love the habit. on the warmer days i am oh so blessed by the vitamin k illuminating my skin, the warmth tickling my outer layer, the smile due to achievment and the healthier lifestyle by which i live, as being able to bike the very next day aids in me not eating that ice cream or having that beer. i think of my health, my mindset and my highest abilites to cut just five more or six or ten minutes off my next ride. twenty eight miles later, 1000 calories down and out the hatch and a gallon of gas saved. not half bad. what is everyone else thinking. i wish to make a sign and place it on my backpack. "at what point are you going to stop driving that gas guzzler? when we all die? gotta start somewhere, get outta that thing and on one of these." then i am reminded, whoa, harsh. i'll make a consious effort and hope others follow along:)

tessagirl tessagirl
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2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

Excellent! You give me hope for the future!

Do enough of it and the extra calories will be welcome. That's one of the good things about biking once you get going. I'm a little envious about the commute...mine is over 20 one way and I still have to drive part way since there's a river between me and work with no bikes permitted on either of the two bridges. Keep up the good work. :)