Kilometers and Bees

So I was telling a friend how I ride my bike 24mph up to 32 mph. I ride a heavy mountain bike with nobby tires, so he thought that my speedometer might be wrong. So, today I noticed that my speedometer is in Kilometers not miles. It probably got reset when I changed the battery. So all this time I thought I was riding farther and faster than I actually was =(  but I'll get over it since it's all relative to my progress while getting into shape. I have been riding 22-40 km which is 13-24 miles. Soon, I'll get some slick tires in the mail and maybe go further.

Today, I was crusing along on the bike path and it was very windy. A bee or wasp or yellow jacket flew into my mouth and out again. I breath with my mouth open; the bee went in the right side of my mouth and was stopped by my tongue and teeth, in the right corner of my mouth. I turned my head and kinda spit it out gently while it flew out. How crappy would it be if it had stung me, but everything was a ok. Today is my birthday, so I figure mother nature was taking it easy on me.

workerbee101 workerbee101
36-40, M
1 Response Mar 26, 2009

Amazing how you could keep going with a bee in your mouth! Last time a bee flew in my face I ended up in the hedge!