Its a Way of Life and So With Nature

awake at 5.00am riding boots,hunters,or Jody's jhopers crop hat and a flask of hot sweet tea ,not brandy then to the stables quick check that all the take was cleaned and soaped the day before then pitch fork broom and shovel dragging out the nights dung and urine drenched straw

meanwhile the shredded sugar beet  is cooking ,basiclyits horse breakfast followed by a thorough groom  mains and tails braided hoofs blackened and then a mile stroll on the lead reign and this is all before 11,00am now saddles and mats bridals snaffles etc Finlay check the girth strap and get your mounting block

whist someone else lay down fresh straw bedding and shakes out the hay

now the effort is validated 17 hands 8"a 2yr old welsh cob Clydesdale Cross

dappled Grey with a chestnut breast and head trots happily and majestically to the grass land as soon as you get there the ceremonial I'm going to eat this bit of grass here for two or three Min's and then the fun begins trot canter gallop jump...

yeah I really do love riding

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2 Responses Feb 16, 2009

Wow... he/she sounds beautiful. I'm envious!

What a wonderful way to spend the day :)