Thanks For the Welcome

i have never seen any sight quite like this one . some try,  but something is different here. any way, does anyone else remember seasons in their life buy the music they were listening to at the time? and do you have a line from asong pop into your head for almot any situation ? the last concert i went to was los lonely boys. i can't say enough about how their music is a neccessary part of my life. they'll last like the eagles and chicago and kiss. my 13 yr old son andi have gone to see robb thomas twice. my husband is bipolar and i'd listen to mad season every night before i'd go to sleep for months. i would not have survived teen yrs w/o going to bed with my radio by my head. when life started to make me think what is going on here, about 6mos ago i started sleeping with my radio on again. you just never know when they might play detroit rock city. is any one else crazy about michael stanley's music? man am i groggy g'nite
fluffy fluffy
36-40, F
Jul 22, 2007