I Have No Idea Of The Hours I Used To Spend With My Gf / Wife

treating each other as little kids tkain each other to the potty playing on toys and swings

even her grandmother got in to thegames and dressed s both like toddles many times if we were home for the day and no school and no work

she had made us matching toddler type clothing all of my shots hand snaped between the legs and ll of her out fits and ruffles on her rubber pants i am very glad we had a tile floor in our bed room as we really did have many puddles on the floor if we were playing with toys on the floor on dolls
potty training each other was always fun as she would sit on my lap and i would read to her from a book she brought me sometimes a stor book manytimes just a book we were doing a book repoprt on and she would be wiggling around and i would ask her if she need her potty chair and se would say no and soon we would have a puddle todeal with and that little look of shock on her face and her silly smile and those puppy dog eyes

remeber potty training real kids getting them ready for kinder gardian
many time one of the kids would bringmy wife to me and tell me she had a problem or she would be standing there talking to one of the kids and i knew by how here legs were and sure enought soon she had a water fall and of cousre if one went the others seems to wet too
rickibrat2 rickibrat2
61-65, M
Nov 26, 2012