First Time Wearing Diapers

one day i was on the supermarket and i saw a pack of pull ups with some cars over it i felt in love of it soo my mom do not know that i like diapers and that day i didnt know what to do so i go get out of the store and planned my escape to buy them they where so expensive so i go to other store then i saw diapers name pequeñin soo i take a pack of size 5 that fit me not so well but it felt good to wear diapers , and i really like to keep on diapers im 16 years old and i loved to feel the diapy soft and squichi i wish my mom will say yes if she see me one day with them put on she never find out im very happy with my nappy im not a bedwetter but i really loved diapers
ghostalex ghostalex
18-21, M
Jan 8, 2013