My Grandma Hot Role Play With Me

one day at my grandmother house was playing hide and seek was 10 I had the need at the time of going to the bathroom but did not want to go because I had a good hiding place so much and do not hold pee myself and I was very embarrassed so i go to my grandmother to see if they had a clothes but she had no clothes to change into so we went to the store to buy some clothes and my grandmother asked me if I wanted to use diapers and told her yes then she put them in the basket and went to the paid them . got home from my grandmother. My grandmother took me upstairs to the room I shot up in bed under pants and I felt like I'd get hard every time she touched me with her ​​delicate hands bigger so it made ​​me change my grandmother and I put a diaper left me running around the house and felt the need to go to the bathroom but had a diaper so I pee in the diaper it felt awesome my grandmother called me and change the diaper and stare at my weine was so amazed I look and told me what had really big for a boy my age so I change and put another diaper and I instantly had to leave my mom came to get me and so my grandmother with her smile told me that the next time it took to she brough home to me was very amazed diaper box before leaving before I left my grandmother's house, my grandmother put down my pants and diaper and said she will put it in my mouth and That will lick my thing and I felt so good I left very impressed grandmother's house until the next visit.
ghostalex ghostalex
18-21, M
Jan 8, 2013