I Admit It!

I do STILL LOVE to Roller Skate - and I had forgotten what  a work-out it can be!  In middle school, that was the "thing" to do!  And my church had a gym that converted to a rink on Fridays and Saturdays - I lived on Roller Skates for some time!  I think I got pretty good, and I can still do a lot on skates, but the falls are a little harder now - LOL!

I would love to go more often even now!  Anyone want to join me?

DorothyofOz DorothyofOz
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5 Responses Sep 13, 2009

I have NOT tried blades - but I would like to! I wonder how I will do on them! Eeek!<br />
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I am much better at the Roller Skating than the Ice Skating but this last time, I did better than I remembered as a child. I was able to keep my ankles straight for a change.<br />
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Josie - you are all woman to me - and a leotard Ice Skating - now that makes it more authentic - I think! You have such good taste in clothes - I bet I would have loved your leotard!<br />
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Thanks OC and Josie for the comments - it is fun to think about. I just found out today, I will get to go Roller Skating soon with the Girl Scouts - woohoo!

When I was young I loved skating. On the street to the store and other close places, in a roller rink or an ice rink. Beautiful times. Even wore leotards in the winder at the ice rink.

I haven't skated in years but would like to try roller blades. Have you tried blades?

My children have had some skating parties at the local rink! The last one I didn't get to skate too much - the kids were too small and hadn't skated much so I was doing a lot of carrying kids around the rink - LOL! Now THAT was a workout!<br />
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We used to have school spirit nights there, but that has been changed to one of those places with all of the inflatables!

I haven't skated in years.... the smock kinda gets in the way. Where do you skate?