My Favorite Way

i love to rub poop on myself (especailly my face chest and d i c k) i like it best when its nice and smooth and soft. first i take a nice loose poop add some pee spit and mabe sum *** (by the time i do all these things the anticipation makes mr ***) mix it all into a creamy paint and rub away. i coats great nice and smooth. great lube for jack ing or wresteling. best removed by a boys tounge:)
arwheaton arwheaton
3 Responses Jul 16, 2010

Id love to be the boy to remove it with my tongue ;)

I look forward for morning time when I have slept all night long and then it comes time to ****, so I squat and **** in my hands and cover my face,**** and balls with my **** and then go back to sleep. I especially cram **** up inside my nostrils so I can smell my wonderful **** too. But - before i go back to sleep, I make sure I have a tall glass close by and drink every drop of my delicious **** !!! hopefully one day i'll have a very large group of people who would lust to use my complete body as their personal toilet -- now that would be very enjoyable !!!! Any takers?? hehehehehehe

Id love to get together

yes that would be nice :)

Iwant to meet you and smear poop all over your body your story is awsome