Massaging Her Sweet Pretty Feet

I remember years ago when I gave my first foot massage to a very pretty young woman named Kira Beth. She knew I had a foot fetish, so she asked me if I would give her one. I was more than thrilled to, so I took her shoes off. I ran across her slightly damp white socks which totally excited and aroused me. I then took her socks off to see what pretty feet she really had. She had long toes and a very high arch to her feet.

She then got into her purse and pulled out some lotion. She handed the lotion to me, and I began squirting the lotion into my hands so I could apply it to her pretty feet. She acted a bit coy with me when she teased me about possibly ******* on her feet as she knew I had such a hard-on with me looking at her pretty slightly damp feet with her sweet faint scent in the air that was very appealing to me.....
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Feb 15, 2011