After a month and a half of running nearly all of my runs shirtless, I'm now finding it feeling weird to run while wearing a shirt. Last night, I ventured out late and, partly because I was thinking it would be cooler, wore a shirt. It wasn't cooler, really, and I hated it.
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1 Response Aug 16, 2014

I can relate to that myself. In my case, I look for a time of day when it's at least 60 degrees and preferably a lit of sunshine. That removes any hesitation for me - at least between April and October. I always run shirtless. When we get colder weather in the winter months, I've started to run shirtless at the indoor track at my rec center. Then, as a last resort, there's the treadmill but that gets kind of boring sometimes - I really like seeing other runners. So my goal is to go months (or preferably years) without doing a "shirted" run.