Awesome race is over and a huge shirtless success. Ran shirtless start to finish, feeling good the whole time. Afterward, spent a good amount of time wandering around the finish area, checking our vendors, etc., ran into only one person I knew and chatted a bit, I even got a finisher photo taken, all still shirtless. No problems, not even any odd looks, really. By the end of the race there were many more guys shirtless and it feels good to know that I started that way to begin with. A great, confidence building, shirtless experience and one of the most enjoyable races I've run. Remaining shirtless as long as I can - having, still, to walk a mile or so through the park back to my car.
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Great to hear how well it went. I was thinking about you when I went for my run in the park this morning. They had a small (maybe 1000 - 1500 runners) using the bike loop. Ideal shirtless weather - 70-75 degrees and sunshine - but not a single shirtless runner in that race - unless you count the sports bra girl :) and she had her sweater wrapped around her waist. My sense is it takes a little more courage to run a race shirtless - but you did it right, made it a positive and had a great experience !!
Out on the regular running trail, there were a bunch of us running shirtless - and also a bunch of sports bra girls as well. I get encouragement from them too :)

Congrats again !!!

Cool. Good for you! I run, but I'm not proud of my body.

I want to say that - even if you find it difficult to be proud of your body, do be proud that it is what it is, you are working to improve what you can, and you are working to accept what you can't improve. I believe that others perceive such pride, and confidence that comes with it, and will accept or reject us based on that more than on any genuine deficiencies in our bodies. Thanks for reading my experience and for the response.

I think shirtlesstrailrunner is right. It's a completely natural thing for guys to go shirtless while we run or in many other situations. Many women are used to seeing their husbands, boyfriends, brothers, fathers and sons go shirtless - and so, are totally comfortable with seeing a shirtless guy they never met before. I think it's similar with most guys - if they haven't gone shirtless before they probably want to in the future.

I think you'll find the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Friends and neighbors will get used to seeing you shirtless and you can start to have shirtless conversations with them, run some errands shirtless and it just gets better from there.

Hope you'll keep us posted.