Empower Me

Feet: Empower me.
It occurred to me today, while I was engaged in said activity, why I love it so much. It is not because it is fun. I don't think anyone who runs would call it fun exactly, I mean not the way going to a movie is fun.
Running is work. I am in pretty good shape so it doesn't hurt --I wouldn't call it "pain". I would call it "strain". Uphill is a strain, on the legs, but also on the arms and the torso and all the different muscles that have to work in unison to get you ...up. The perpetual motion is gratifying because it is not easy, so there is an element of satisfaction that comes from not having to stop and sit on the curb and have a drink. We all start out that way, but the idea is to be able to one day, you know, run for an extended period of time. There is a definate sense of accomplishment when you know you have more miles behind you than ahead of you as you near home.
I like to run outdoors (never a track),and if you do that you have to contend with the elements, always. Tackling these handicaps makes the whole experience even more exhilirating.
But mostly, I feel strong when I run. I am strong. But psychologically it makes me feel empowered. Just knowing that I can do it makes me feel a little bit like I can do anything.
All that from a pair of sneakers. Cool.
Quintesse Quintesse
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And that is most of why I force myself to keep running. LOL...agreed.

Hahahahaha!<br />
I like the cursing for each step! haha<br />
and the coastline, hahahaha. <br />
Well I have been out of commission for three weeks with a sinus/resperatory infection (from sucking in all the cold air while...running. Doh! (I will never learn!) but I went out yesterday and today I am sore. They say though, that your muscles remember, and they know what you want then to do, so I talk to mine and eventually they come around and cooperate.<br />
Start coaxing yours now, you'll be fine. I used to know a guy who always set a race goal for himself--that was how he kept himsef motivated --by having a goal like that. It works for some people. I am proud of you.<br />
I have no goals other than to not sprain my ankle or get shin splints. I am a runner, because I love every second of it--even the stretching. haha

I am not a runner, Lady Q. I run!!!!!!!!!! Teeeheeeheeeee<br />
<br />
A runner loves the pain, endorphins, etc. By the third mile I am mumbling expletives that my Catholic constitution should not be carrying in its Pandora's box. When I get home after stretching the distance, I climb any steps with a "****, ****, ****........." with one such for each step.<br />
<br />
Maybe the targets are a little ambitious. I am just too unfit. My core is not strong enough to support my spine against the impacts, etc. So there is a lot of work ahead.<br />
<br />
My waistline is now a coastline.<br />
<br />
But, NY or London marathon is beckoning in two or three years time<br />
<br />
It is the cheapest form of exercise, only cost is a new pair of running shoes or two every year and a new poly shorts.<br />
<br />
the rest is attitude, heart and health.<br />
<br />
btw my unmedicated blood pressure reading is 230/180<br />
<br />
so there!!!!! fuckem, I say. Spit in the eye of your attacker

I should have known you were a runner!<br />
I knew I liked you!<br />
We are a tough breed. Survivors. <br />
I feel like running--although I dislike competitive running now--like you describe-- is like saying to the universe...bring it on. It a challenge I set for myself, and even if I don't run well, which sometimes I don't because I have allergies, I still say to myself--I tried--I am out here, with my sneakers laced--I may not have done well today--but, ...<br />
I'll be back.<br />
Thank you for reading. I owe you. <br />
Go. Stretch. Run. Feel Empowered. I think you are awesome..

very nice. <br />
<br />
I have not run in years. The last was 10k fun-runs. Before that, a 21k - half marathon in' June 92. <br />
<br />
Next target - this year 10k, next year 21k, then 42k until my first attempt at comrades (90plus km) as a veteran (over 50 years)<br />
<br />
lets hope and work at it<br />
<br />
means that I have to get off my butt soon and begin

I have been a little under the weather and well, the weather has been nasty, so I have not been out there in weeks and now I am getting restless.<br />
Thanks for the high fives you guys. <br />
Spring is here. <br />
Get your sneakers on...GO!

Hey running guy--thank you for the encouragement!<br />
But I am still not running in the rain.<br />
I like felling in the groove and I do like the sense of accomplishment I get.<br />
And I actually do like hills. I love a challenge.<br />
Anyone can run flat or downhill, I figure.

Hey, thanks for writing. <br />
I like to run, but not in any form of precipitation. I have floundered around in swampy sneakers/trainers after being caught in a storm and it is not as much fun as it sounds.<br />
I draw the line there. <br />
Not crazy about wind either. I bet now you're thinking I'm a big baby, and you would be right, although I can do extreme cold, and heat, which is something. --Just nothing wet. <br />
Also I probably don't run as far as you do. Usually just long enough to clear my head and sweat profusely, then I turn around and head home. Anything more than 5 miles and I get bored--then I start thinking about the joy of lunch.

Seriously, what is not to love about tennis? I am always riveted in a way I am not with other sports--even football. <br />
Playing is really fun--but you have to have someone to play with, and it has to be someone of equal ability and it is hard to find someone like that if you do not belong to a club or something. Still, I will try--you know, so that I can get ready for our big someday match. <br />
Fal--getting and staying in shape is not easy, I'll grant you that. I cannot really imagine working a long day and commuting and then working out. Everybody does the best they can do. <br />
Ps--I hope you don't get sacked and you can keep looking forward to paychecks. <br />
Optimism my friend!!!!! The power of positive thinking and all that crap!

Aussie Open - woohoo! The wife unit and I love watching the grand slams.

My motivation for now is not getting the sack and looking forward to paydays. Getting in shape is such a pain in the ***. When I was unemployed, I started working out again mainly as something to do, but now I am too tired and am strapped for time.

Prove it...<br />
someday. <br />
You're on. <br />
I'll give you time to get in shape--you know, so that you can keep up with me.

Hey, that's pretty good! I'd say it'd never happen because I lack motivation and have become just a lazy person in general. It'd take a good couple of months for me to get back in the shape I was maybe 3 or 4 years ago. I do love tennis, though..<br />
I have difficulty in making solid serves as well. It's hard to be really fast and accurate. My backhand is okay, but my forehand is way better. I can strike fast and accurately on a return to my forehand.

I have a mean backhand-- ---can't serve though. <br />
So...not great, but I am fast and accurate. <br />
Maybe some day we will play. Oh--sorry--there I go again--being all dreamy.<br />
Hold on--I'll say it for you.... <br />
"It will probably never happen, because I will always be too tired because of my stupid loud , dive-living neighbors who will suck all the life out of me making it impossible for me to pick up a racket or move."<br />
Pretty good huh?

I'm glad that your place is so peaceful. Sounds like a great place to live !<br />
I was just fantasizing. I will probably end up in a dive that I can afford, with maybe some loud, stomping upstairs people who have late parties on the weekends. And/or barking small dogs. Ugh. I wish that we could play tennis! Even when I was socially among others, there would be only a few casual pla<x>yers, and they would only play casually :P <br />
<br />
..I miss tennis. So fun.

I LOVE Tennis! It is fun! <br />
I just think that is a coincidence. You don't hear people talking about tennis these days--and the courts by me are always empty. I need a partner too. I want to play.<br />
This place is really quiet. I'm not stupid. I made sure of that--that sound did not travel. <br />
i am big into privacy and I definitely don't want to know anything about what is going on next door. I'm with you.--Nor do I want them to have ANY inclination about what is going on over here--that' for sure.<br />
I hope you get it. It sounds good.

Ooh.. hope there is an elevator. I would love to not maintain things, but I need to gather together a pile of money first. It's too easy to spend on pleasure. Entertainment, I guess. Pleasure has sexual connotations nowadays. There is a nice apartment building near this lake in town that has the running path around it (and tennis courts!). I'd love to have friends and live there and play tennis. I just don't want to be able to hear people through the walls and ceiling.. and floor. I don't want to involve myself in their spousal/child abusing stuff. Or anything else. As long as I do not hear it, I can let my conscience lie !

Oh my god!! Condo living is heaven, I have found. <br />
I have a deck--but I don't have to maintain it--same goes for the driveway. <br />
And I have a yard--but I don't have to mow it--I can just barbeque and sled and make snow angels and walk my dog!<br />
After years of hedge clipping and tree pruning and gardening and pool maintenance and worrying about gutters and grubs and japanese beetles and wasps and....well, you get the idea.<br />
I am so happy I can't stand it. <br />
H'lls to the yea!<br />
PS--I may have exaggerated the time. That is on a good day, when I have not tripped over my dog and crashed into the refrigerator and pulled every muscle in my lower right calf. I may never be the same. I haven't been able to walk for 2 weeks. I have 3 floors in this condo...ooowwwww.

That's an excellent time. The last time I did 10 under 40, I must've been.. 22. That explains it. <br />
Condo sounds nice. Not too much snow out here so far.

6 miles in under 40 minutes!? <br />
Fine...I am on my knees, bowing. You are god, and I adore thee.<br />
Fortunately I don't care about speed. If I did this would be no fun.<br />
But at 47 I can do 4 miles in 35 minutes. <br />
Not too shabby. <br />
I live in a condo now, so I don' have to shovel but I still get to enjoy all the other amenities of ownership.<br />
H'lls to the yea! .

i'll get my exercise shoveling tomorrow... h'lls to the yea!

Hey.. I used to love running as well. Back when I cared about health and looking good, I guess. <br />
I loved that 'runner's high' thing. It would be tough for maybe 20 minutes, and then you get into that groove. It sometimes keeps on going even after you reach your destination. Just want to run more. The best I remembered doing was 10km in under 40 minutes. Around the lake was a 5km course.. awesome ! <br />
I felt on top of the world when I ran.

Okay then!! <br />
Fellow runner--No clue ----but you can join our club. <br />
We run, we sweat --our heads spin, and apparently, afterwards we are somewhat incoherent!<br />
Yeah!<br />
H'lls to the yea!!! <br />
After this...wanna make a snow angel?

h'lls to the yea!

Yeah. <br />
And I love the sweat.

Love the after feeling when head is spinning.