What Could Ever Be Better?

It's hard to explain to those who've never done it, wouldn't you say? Still, it's incredibly rewarding and running is how I've had some of the best experiences of my life. What's your story about your love for running?
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5 Responses Nov 12, 2006

I started out walking a little then a lot and then real fast and a few months down the road one day out of no where I just took off running and love it . I never thought I could be a runner but I am at age 43 :) i can run 5 miles like nothing some days . I try to run everyday , I know I shouldn't i should take a rest day but i cant help myself i truly love it. I vary the runs some slower and longer and some faster and shorter and some mixed . I just love how my mind just clears and how near the end I get that burst of energy that gets me sprinting :) I feel 20 again ! I have lost a good 40 lbs too , 10 lbs to go and I will be at a correct BMI and lighter for running .

Just in the past 2 months started running/jogging ...I didnt think my body could run..but I run 3 days a week...at my local gym on inside track. Its great fun! I Afterwards though my body is exhausting I am invigorated....its amazing..and truly hard to explain to people how you feel about running.

Read my NYC Marathon story. I am new to this site. I will run the San Antonio marathon on Sunday. I love to run and I especially love to do marathons. I couldn't do them for a lot of years because of my knee--but it's better now and I wear a patellar strap. I run with my husband and a friend. It is exhilirating! We do our long run every Saturday morning.

love it have to run six days a week if i dont run i am in bad mood and lazy

I've just recently started running. I'm starting out on the Couch to 5K plan (http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/237.shtml). I have to say I am really enjoying it, even though right now I can definitely tell I am not in shape. I haven't gone out in a few days and this definitely inspires me to get out again. Thanks!