They Just Don't Get It

I currently live in Korea, and absolutely hate it here. I have a year and a half left on my contract, and am counting down the months. I have taken to running as almost a coping mechanism, and absolutely love it. I run first thing in the morning, and many days again after work. I ran my first marathon in December, and am set to run another one in 2 weeks. I speak to my mom once a week, which until now has always been something I looked forward to. I have discovered that my running infuriates my family. I have gotten angry emails asking me why I would want to kill myself, and comparing my running to taking meth. It is so frustrating that I have found one thing that makes me happy, but that I have to hide it from the only people that I care about. How am I supposed to explain to my family how much running really is saving my sanity when they are so mad about it. This is cutting me off from the only relationships that I have and I am so lost about it.
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4 Responses Mar 2, 2012

Don't stop running! Ignore them...running has many health benefits :)

You can never stop something that's making you feel good! Keep running in the end they will have to accept it. And it's just running:)

I understand the need to's your personal forum of relaxation. No one is out there to bother you, no one will inhibit you. The fresh air brushes along your face...cooling your simmering flesh...ah, so refreshed. No one complains to you...the only voice you hear is your own. It's where you make your decisions...running is the medium of judge and jury....One voice, yours!<br />
No Need to Justify.<br />
No need to explain.<br />
No need to apologize...<br />
Run! Run as high and far as your heart desires!

You know what is best for you better than anyone