ageing does slow you down but then it's also important to practice. Not so that you can run fast and beat your PB but most importantly not to get injured,

Did a 10click run after a long time. I wanted to beat my PB for the same run I participated last year but I was way below my PB took me 90 mins as compared to 72mins which was my last year timing for the same race.

It's probably the fear, The fear of beating heart and increased heart rate & the negativity that non runners in my group have spread into my mind that it's not good for the heart..

I need to overcome the negativity and most importantly I need to practice. Still 4 months to go for my next half marathon and with the kind of finish I had today? I don't see myself finishing it if I don't overcome my fear and don't practice hard.,

I hope I can do it...
uselessguy uselessguy
36-40, M
Aug 23, 2014