Became A Divemaster To Go To Tahiti

I started diving about 4 years ago, got a lot of certificates pushed fast by my dive instructor, started working fulltime, until I became a divemaster. Most of this was done for the sake of training, so not many pretty waters. Haha. But I learned a lot, and in rough *** conditions. I come from a long line men of the sea, in my family, between sailors, divers, fishermen... and we're all very sports worthy.

So I took the challenge, in the interest of going to work in Tahiti. Now I'm that I'm a divemaster I'm trying to make a little money locally with some random jobs: kids camps, cleaning pools and quarries, and anchor retrieval... lol, not the most glamerous sh*t. But I'm almost done with my studies, while saving money, and pretty soon I'll be diving around the world, loving life.

I still get this adrenaline when I go underwater, it's so childish but it's a rush that just makes me feel so cool. It really is another world down there, and I'm an explorer. There's always magnificant things to find!
WonderlustKing WonderlustKing
22-25, M
Jul 16, 2010