A Little Nervous

i have my first class tomorrow and i'm a tad bit nervous. i keep thinking that i'm going to screw up in some way and end up trapped an d all alone in some sort of debri, running out of air, and basically dying. i know this is sort of foolish but tell that to my overactive imagination!! other than that i'm sort of psyched :D
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2 Responses Aug 18, 2007

Yeah I know my instructor was so amazing I was stunned. He took me through everything and he knew when I was nervous about something without me having to say anything and he would make me do it over and over again, until I was confident. Truly wonderful experience.

If you have a good teacher you will not have any problem. A good teacher will make you practice every situation over and over again, until you don't panic no matter what happens.<br />
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You will be able to be safe if your air stops, if you loose your mask, if you loose your buddy, anything.