Its So Nice To Be Appreciated

Yes I love to see a bulge but more than that I like to see if I can get a guys bulge to grow in response to seeing me. My ex bf got me to start wearing sexy outfits and I have grown to love wearing them now just to see the reactions I get. As a girl that loves dressing to show off my sexuality there is nothing more rewarding than to see how much it is appreciated by seeing a guy's bulge grow. It makes me feel so sexy knowing I have that power to get such a reaction without the guy even touching himself. No guys it probably would not turn me on it would just scare me if your response is to whip out your **** and start wanking in front of me. My ultimate goal is to see the telltale sign that a guy has just *** in his pants by seeing a wet spot form on the front of his pants while trying to get a better look up my skirt or trying to catch a flash of nipple when I wear a revealing top. Guys what do you think? Do you think this is possible?
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You will get some precum. Ha ha

Very possible! And has happened to me....she was so I went to the bathroom to rub one out

Oh sure it's **** grows and my pants or shorts get tighter sometimes...not wearing underwear for the most part, yes, I've been guilty of oozing out some pre-***, but sometimes I have on my brazilian underwear and then it's not so much, but I understand what you mean

Marty, it usually takes some physical stimulation to *** in the pants. But it you get him really hot, friction in his shorts may be enough, like if he were moving around while you're giving him the show. That's happened to me once, although long long ago.<br />
<br />
However, be worried about a guy that **** that easily. He probably won't last long when you get to the real thing, especially with you as hot and flirty as you describe.

I like that captain! I do like to see their appreciation with a smile and maybe even a rise in their bulges!

glad to hear that dano!

dano - glad you show us what influence we have on you! We love being appreciated. As far a cumin in your pants maybe the sexy woman you were watching just wasn't trying hard enough. Any thoughts on what it would take?

yes they are white exactly like the ones in the WW link I put in a posting a few days ago. I love these shorts. I really feel sexy in them. I like how exposed I feel even more than when I wear micro minis. I like the relatively loose legs. When I am not wearing panties I can easily feel any breeze on my ***** up the leg holes. This makes me feel so vulnerable and naked.

OMG I just saw two girls at the gym working in her legs at that machine where you have to push up with the legs, the slender hottie friend was first and she was wearing tight tiny shorts (voleyball style shorts) and it looked hot when the machine was at the low point and her buttock was totally bent, nice edge of butt and inside tight there... then the pretty voluptuous second girl's turn came and OMG she was wearing loose short shorts and when she started you could see almost all the way to her ***** from my vantage point (I almost dropped my 50lb dumbbells lol)... her hot friend had a better vantage point in the middle of her legs and she grabbed a towel and placed it over the loose shorts lol... (maybe she saw more than me), both were laughing a little... then the voluptuous girl keept working out as if nothing... I think my shorts were bulging a little hehe

Are the shorts that you wear white? wow! those are some great looking shorts and I am sure you were flashing some liip...

Great story and nice way of picking up a guy...showing yourself off in a not so obvious way will keep him thinking...I can't believe he hasn't sprung a hardon working with you! Nice job! Looking forward to your finale!

wow I love it nytro44 and TM2000. I just posted about what happened tonight when I went to the gym! Please read it and give me your comments!

OMG I have stalked your profile a little today but I will do it a little more... I'll chek out the gym strory too lol

I looked up that web-site. Sure would be difficult to not get a bulge if a woman at the gym was wearing shorts like that. If the guy you're after does not get a bulge after seeing you wear shorts like that, then maybe he's not interested in women.

I have read the other story about the gym that inspired these comments. I will check it again though to make sure I have not missed anything. Maybe he will be able to see a little more than the lip. Maybe he will see that the center of yoru slit is glistening. Are you the type that has more clear wetness, or is your wetness more white and creamy?

of course he will want to put his thing in my tight little wet *****. I want him to want to so much that he will *** in his pants just staring at me! He can then **** me as much as he wants later! And yes tallman I have already practiced and its easy for them to be arranged so one of my lips could be seen. My goal is for him to see a tattoo I have up there. I have written about the tattoo in another story! you should read it I think you would like it.

Oh I love those shorts, and I think one thing you might want to do is arrange it so that one of your lips escapes because they are misaligned. That will certainly get his attention. After talking to him a bit and if it's clear that he's interested you might want to remark that you love a man who is well endowed and you can clearly see that he is. That will help move things along. Of course there is a risk that he may actually want to put that think up in you. But I imagine you would like that.

tallman - yes my shorts are thin and no im not wearing panties but they are not tight. Actually the legs are very loose around my legs. The brand of shorts i wear isfrom wicked weasel<br />
<br />
THey do show when I am wet too. I definitely will be wet. I just have to think about this guy and I get wet ;). ANd yes i am breathing hard! Love your comments tallman. I will make sure to talk to him too and might true a little accidental touching! I will not be hard to do!

Make sure your short are very thin and you are not wearing anything under them, so that when your ***** lips are pressed tightly against the shorts as they would be when your legs are open, that he can see the outline of them. And that will also make the wetness show the best. And you can get yourself worked up with your fingers before hand, you can probably tease yourself all day to keep yourself wet and really tease yourself, keeping yourself on the edge of ****** as you get to the gym. If you are breathing hard and sighing from arousal that will help things along too...

I think then flashing your wet ***** will help quite a lot and you should let him know that you have not been with a man in a long time and you really miss it. Because what will make him hard is to see you wet and needy, to think that he might get to push his **** into you, to penetrate you and you would be ready for him. That will make his body react. And then you should have some inadvertent touching with him, not sexual, just anywhere which will amplify the effect.

Tallguy - I have talked to the guy at the gym. He is helping me learn how to lift weights. The advantage here is that I can be flirty with him as he is trying to explain things to me but then when its time for me to try the exercise I can break eye contact and start my show. At this point its important to me as I don't think I could be flashing him my wet ***** and looking at him and talking to him.And its also very easy to "accidentally" flash your ***** when you have to straddle your legs on either side of the weight bench. And for me I really have to spread them wide since I am so small. My goal is also not to necessarily let him know that I want him I just want him to want me so much that he **** in his shorts! Ill have to think about this and I appreciate your comments and perspectives into the mans point of view, THanks tallguy!!!

I read the stuff from the gym and actually I think you would get further at this point by talking with him rather than showing off. The thing with men is that they are often really scared of these things for a number of reasons, I mean they think it's probably too good to be true, there are sexual harrassment issues, etc. So even though you can totally dress provocatively that might not be enough to let a man know that you want him. However if you start a conversation with a man and look at a man and flirt with a man, to convey to him that you want him and that he's making no mistake. Well then it's much easier.<br />
<br />
This would also apply to the coffee shop. The dressing is certainly part of it, to get the men's attention, but if you are relatively forward in terms of just talking to the guy, but did not come on too strong to scare him off, then that's your best chance. If you are too strong you might scare the guy off. I mean society has really beaten down most men in this regard.

tallman - I like the thought of the coffee shop too although Im not sure how to work it out while talking to him. To get him really hot I think I have to flash more than my nipples. I'll have to wear a mini without panties and give him an up skirt flash. mmm sounds so slutty! But Im not sure I could do that while I was talking to him. Any suggestions? Maybe the talking would come later? what do you think would work?

it would have to be late close to closing times in both the gym and coffee house. As you have probably read in my story "In the Gym" I'm working on this one guy there. I have dressed very slutty there. The last time I wore very short short with only about a 1 inch inseam and a thin crop top which left my midriff bare and even the bottom of my **** if I was to raise my arms up above my head. I was ready to let him see my ***** as the legs of the shorts were very loose so when I had to straddle a weight bench I know I was very visible. Since his normal position was standing at my head while he spotted the weights I was lifting he could easily see my spread legs in the mirror and the foot of the bench. Im sure I would have been dripping wet too since I would be watching his huge **** hanging above my head. mmm cant wait for the timing to be right. So far it has not worked out. Im going to try again tomorrow evening. - wish me luck tallman!

Well I think the gym is certainly a place you can try it. And in addition to dressing rather slutty you can use your eyes. Flirt with your eyes and make conversation. And get aroused yourself. Imagine if someone saw you getting damp between your legs and your nipples like pebbles. And you can even talk to him and tell him how it's been such a long time since you have been with a man you and you just ache for that feeling. And go from there. You can really have fun with it. Another place might be like a coffee place or something where you wear a very thin and low cut top without a bra so that it's easy to see your breasts if you move a certain way and then just go up to a guy and start talking with him, after you have made your nipples hard. Just appear sexy and horny. That should work.

tallman - well I want to at least try a few times! I get hot thinking about doing this. what are your ideas on how I might try to do this? Where, when and how?

I don't know that you can make a guy spontaneously come like that, but you can certainly get him aroused, as you have done with the guy in the gym (I loved reading the comments about that). And you can certainly see a wet spot on his pants from pre-*** leaking out of the head of his ****. I know there have been times when I have been with a sexy women or have been talking on the phone with one (just last night in fact, when i was not in a position to touch myself) and I felt that I started to leak pre-*** on my trousers. I always go commando.