My mom is a dark beauty with long dark hair which she keeps tied up in a thick plait or just keeps it loose open. She is seldom kind to me as she feels boys get spoilt when they are pampered. But i wish so much mom would be kind to me. I feel great if she smiles even once and I have this secret wish for her to caress my belly and especially my deep navel.

May be she knows my secret desire as many times she targets my belly and my deep navel to torture me if I make her angry somehow.

I have a tight abdomen but my navel area is soft and tender. I have to obey her orders always and she insists in putting mustard oil inside my navel and swirls her finger inside it giving me a wonderful deep navel massage everyday. This is a good practice she says but more than that she knows how much I love getting that from her. And if she is angry she deprives me of the deep navel massage.

I have to beg to her to give me my daily dose of deep navel oil massage. I feel all the more nauseated and crazy seeing her scornful eyes and the way she keeps her long hair on one side of her shoulder. I feel like lying on the bed bare belly and she just lay her long hair on all over my abdomen while moving her finger inside my deep navel.

I don't mind falling at her feet but she kicks me hard on my belly. She toe nails hurt my belly badly and I moan in pain as I fall back. But I get even crazy and hold her feet once again but again I receive a big blow right at the center of my belly and this time her toe nails make deep wounds. With each blow i get more obstinate. I will have my navel massage, let her torture me as much as she can.

I get up and hold her from the back and again beg by pulling her hand and placing it on my belly wound. Instead she punches my belly and I cry out in pain.

She then kicks right at the center of my navel and I cry hysterically while she laughs scornfully. I cry out to her with bated breath,"what pleasure do you get by torturing my belly and navel? I am dying to get your love and caressed by you in my weakest area. My navel is throbbing in pain and only your touch can save me"

She puts her finger inside my navel and pokes me hard inside. She keeps poking intermittently and I cry in pain. Later on she applies ointment and medicine to heal my wounded belly and navel
navelpoked navelpoked
26-30, M
Aug 20, 2014