im quite a shy guy, and ive never had a girlfriend before in my life, but whenever i see a woman that i find atractive "smile", i just seem to melt inside!! i mean, i always say it, that women are the most beautiful creatures on this earth!! and for one of them to afford a smile, just for me, is absolutely incredible and beautiful!! especially when she looks into my eyes while doing so!!!

"the true beauty of a woman can be found in her eye's, because  they are the windows to her soul"

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why thank you *neurotic2010* hehe

aww you're the best, definitely one of the most beautiful creatures on earth yourself!!!

yes *Joethegeek*, "high five"!!! lol

I am also shy and feel the same way INTERNET HIGH FIVE!!

and im glad i made you smile too!!! lol

yep i smiled too

thank you newday!!! im glad i made you smile!!lol

Awwwwwww that's so sweet , very very nice of you to share that with us. It brought a smile to my face when reading it so I guess that one is for you :)

thank you!! your awesome too!! lol

awwwww.. you are awesome