Love Wearing Bra And Panties

I enjoy walking around our home, wearing only my bra and panties. As long as I'm warm, like in the summer, it's one of my favorite ways to dress. As long as I'm at home, I feel its something I'm entitled to do. I don't care if my neighbors know it, although I'm a little reluctant around our little girl. Especially when her friends are over, I try to exercise discretion -- but I walk around nude too.

Wearing your bra and panties is somewhere in between, a happy balance -- and practical! It's just something I've grown accustomed to, too. I do the same thing while we travel and I get room service. I also like to dress up for nude resorts where we go. Sometimes I feel as if I'm getting stared at more than I would at a clothing optional resort, if I only walk around in my favorite 'dressy' outfit, my bra and panties.

What's even worse, though, it sometimes I walk around in only my bra. In a public place like a nudist resort, that's extremely exciting, too. I just love to show off....
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Nothing wrong with any of that!

I can definitely appreciate your openness and your level of comfort. Though it is that I do very much disagree with it.

One,, a recent conducted over several years, found that when young women wore a bra, that it resulted in them having more sagging of the breasts. Why? Well by wearing the bra, the bra did the work that the muscles in the chest wall would have done, so those muscles were weaker for lack of exercise.

Two,, because of hygiene and or menstrual cycle, I can most definitely agree with and or understand people people wearing bottoms even at home when they practice a nudist lifestyle.

But to always wear a bra?

I don't know. I would just think that it would be uncomfortable. Even with the best fitting, I would still think that the damn straps would be uncomfortable at times.

My wife,, she never wore a bra at home. Girlfriends since she passed,, one in particular,, never went without except for bathing or sex.

From a man's perspective,, and without trying to sound crude,,, he doesn't want to have to fumble with a bra in bed. On a fifth date,, it's one thing. But living together? Naw, it's a little old.

Women wear a bra to hold their breasts up, to make them prominent, to impress men, to use them to garner attention.

Well if you already have a man's attention and he is between your legs, then you don't need the bra. I can understand wearing one while out in public for modesty reasons... but at home? Naw,, you don't need it. If your man is not paying attention to you and you feel that you need to wear a bra to cause him to pay attention to you,, then there are other issues at hand.

So my vote,,, if you are going out to Walmart,, the business world,, out to dinner,, whatever... depending on the size of you,, and depending upon what you are wearing,, then it might be you need a bra. But while at home,, leave the bras in the dresser drawer.

When I wear a bra instead of a tee around our home, it's often for modesty, most of the time. Wearing only panties invites those who can see to question your modesty, and whether you're acting slutty. Panties and a tee are a classic look, along with a camisole. But wearing a bra and matching panties around is a classic head-turning, genuine attention getter. At 32AB, what I wear for support doesn't matter much at all....

today it was warm out so I went out and sat in the sun in my bra and panties. My roomie doesn't mind that, cuz if we get a complaint, she can say it was my swimsuit. (One neighbor always complains if they'r home.)

Now that it's getting cold again, it's a tee shirt and leggings...

I admit, I've always wondered about the female "logic" of all those who love to prance around in the summer in a skimpy bikini, but think its awful if someone sees them in bra & panties! :)

the logic is you feel sexy.... the more public -- like in your own home, the more.

I like to get naked at home sometimes. It's fun walking around the yard at night nude. Looking for a friend like you to go to the local place for the first time.

local place?

Rock Haven Nudist Resort

its yours to show :) lol if thats how u feel ? then so be it :) don;t let me stop you :)

especially at home

do you ever just walking around buck naked ?? & ever date or mess with older men??

Ha! So funny, of course, on both counts. I like being around guys who are precocious at any age, and treat me really well.