"Nice Girls"

I am one of them.....
Even if they end up talking about about me, and hurting my feelings, I try to at least try to make friends with ppl.

One problem, if you want to call it that; is the amount of empathy I have for people and animals.

It often makes me feel bad or guilty, for something that I "can't control", or "didn't do"....

I can't even watch people killing/hurting each other in movies because it makes me want to cry. Seeing ppl getting tortured makes me sick and I have to leave the room.

Its really hard to explain....

To make a long story short, I grew up for 7 years straight getting made fun of EVERYDAY, whether it was on the internet(emails from bullies) or at school.

I just figured, I dont EvEr want to make someone feel the pain I felt when I was teased....

On the other hand,I also cant be a doormat....or a beotch...:]

God is the only thing that pulled me through...and continues to do so(((hug))).


Sunshine17 Sunshine17
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 2, 2007

Sounds like good advice.

i can relate to those feelings of guilt. just know that things that some things r out of your control & arent your fault. i tend 2 put the blame on myself for everything whether or not it was my fault & its so burdensome. dont think of your self as a doormat or a beotch. just dont let ppl walk all over you & dont pick fights that dont need to be started.