Good People Deserves Good Things,

when i was thirteen years old, my father went to the united states to make  life better for us. But it didnt turn out quite the way he hoped uit would. my mom  was left with eight children of which i am the third to fend for , she never worked a day in her life when my dad was around and things were pretty good. now at the age of 42 she had to look a job to feed and cloth us, and send us to school. things were pretty rough, they were days and alot of night we had nothing to eat, and i was the one who would most of the time go to my mom's friend for stuff for us, and at an early age i became a strong and dependable person, and still am today, and because of my mom's love and dedication to us, she has thought me to be a strong person, today my mom is now 77 years  old  and  still doing pretty okay. if i didnt mention i have  an invalid brother who is now51  years old. i am married with four young adult children, and  i live with my husband and the kids. to  make a long story short. my sister lived  next door to my mom and her daughter use to stay and take care of my             brother, now they have moved away and i am now faced with the responsibilty of taking care of my brother. so i leave home every night to stay with my mom and invalid brother, and take care of him then i go home to get ready to go to my job, and it demanding work taking care of my brother, but i am just askin god to give me the health and strength and indurance t o do this task, i love my mom and my brother very much  and because of the years she has sacrifice to make me what i am today ,it now my  turn to give  back the same love and devotion she gave me many years ago .so good people do deserve for good things to happen, it may seem insignificant so some people , but it mean s the world to her for  me to be there for her now, i pray God give all the love and patience to continue to his work and that he may richly bless me in the future, in what ever    way he see best, and as they say give then there flower while their are lliving and that exactly what i am doing she deserves the best, god bless you all .

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I wish you will be blessed with Happiness & Contentment !!!

Hi Charmaine, I'm glad that your family has you and that you try to be a good and faithful person for them. In Hebrews it says : do not cast away your confidence which is of great reward. For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God, you may receive what was promised.<br />
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I know your life will get better in time. And that God will take care of you, the people you love and your little ones as well.<br />
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Peace and love to you Charmaine

I admire you for your strength, caring and family commitment. Your family went so much, and it doesn't seem as if you had much help. You learned to be enduring and independent, and you should be rightfully proud of that. But please remember that being independent doesn't mean you have to refuse help when it's truly needed. It's important that you get some "downtime", too. I am wondering if any of your siblings can give you a day off once a week, or if there is a respite program available in your community where a caregiver comes in to give you a break? Please do look into this. It's important to look after yourself, as well as those you love.<br />
I wish you the best.

thank you so much for all the love showed to me on experience project, and to jeanma. your words of hope and inspiration as made my day . and has given me more courage and strength to continue on my journey. thanks to the others for the words of wisdom and courage, thank you so much in a world that hasten on with much speed, to my friends who have found the time out of their busy lives to send words of encourage thank you from the bottom of my heart .<br />
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And may God richest blessings attend you all daily. again thanks;

I have to repeat what saeideh said, you are a good person! <br />
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May God bless you nightly, when you lay on your bed, with deep restful sleep. <br />
May you wake up every morning, feeling rejuvenated.<br />
May God continue to bless you everyday, with His love, His strength and His patience, as you go about from one task to another.<br />
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Cheering you on :)<br />

i am blessed by your comments, a good person , i am striving every day to be just that, and may god bless you and your family, thanks for having me as a friend, keep intouch,

wow, this is such a touching story! it made me miss my mom here in US thousands of miles away from home. You are a good person and that's so inspiring to hear your story.<br />
Keep up with the good work and I hope you have very happy days :)