Japanese Beach, Public Hard On

I'm a caucasian very athletic and muscled guy in my early 30s. I've been into body building for quite a few years now and I've always attracted a few nice looks from girls on the beach (and sometimes guys too) although I'm not gay.

Anyway a few years ago I was on holiday in Japan in a beach resort in Okinawa. Although there are quite a lot of americans on Okinawa in this resort at this time there were hardly any. It was one of those strange Japanese holidays and there were quite a lot of Japanese students there all doing everything in big groups (as they do).

The first day I was there I went down to the beach for a dip in the sea, there was quite a big surf with waves crashing on the beach and groups of Japanese student girls all jumping knee high in the waves and giggling each time a wave crashed over them up to their waists.

I was wearing quite tight dark green lycra swim shorts, you could see the outline of my penis but only if you were real close, they were not see through or anything. So I went in the sea kind of next to the edge of one of these groups and started jumping in the waves next to the girls. Of course they noticed me straight away and I got a few looks and smiles. I think the Japanese girls generally like foreign guys, especially muscled ones in tight swim shorts. ;-)) Knowing that some quite hot girls were looking at me and checking me out, turned me on and I started to become erect.

After about 15 minutes of jumping in the strong waves and smiling and flirting with the girls, I realised I was getting a few more looks and more of the girls were turning to have a look at me. I looked down and realised my swim shorts had ridden up at the top of my leg and half my (quite thick and long) semi erect penis was sticking out. As the water between the waves was knee this meant between the waves all the girls could get a real good look at me. But as we were all had out backs to the beach facing the sea, nobody on the beach could see anything. The girls would kind of step forward to meet the waves, take a sideways long glance at me and have a little giggle.

Of course I pretended I didn't know my penis was half hanging out of my swim shorts but knowing they were all looking at me made me fully erect and of course this made the shorts ride up even more. The girls loved it. By now lots of them were coming closer, one stood next to me, grabbed my hand and we jumped in the waves together. Of course between the waves she was spending most of the time glancing down between my legs.

After about 30 minutes of this they all started to form up into a line and I realised one girl had gone to get the camera and it was time for a group photo. The girl holding my hand pulled me along and indicated I should join the (centre) of the group too. Of course the photo was taken from the beach and we had to stand facing the beach. I thought 'what the hell' and joined the centre of the group. Standing there knee deep in water with 10 Japanese students either side and my erect penis 3/4 out of my swim shorts and sticking down my leg. No one on the beach looked actually, I think you just couldn't see from there but it was one hell of a rush to be on the photo.

They took a few photos (on a few different cameras) on the final one the girl next to me (who was the one who had been holding my hand) when everyone else was looking at the camera, put her hand on my leg gripped my penis and squeezed it in her hand. I had my arm around her back and I reached into the back of her bikini put my hand down between her *** cheeks and my finger inside her absolutely soaking wet *****. We didn't say anything about this or make any recognition of it between us. Needless to say after the photo I found a way to discreetly pull down the swim shorts and overcome the language barrier and get talking to her. They were leaving the next day (they were on a weekend break only) but that evening we had a memorable night together made even more erotic for me knowing that all her friends had already seen my hard penis and that I would feature on a lot of student's holiday snaps.....

patrick7676 patrick7676
31-35, M
Sep 5, 2010