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Tube And Bulge

I work in London and go to work on the tube. I almost always wear loose chinos or a suit without any underwear. My **** is quite a good size when not erect and you can pretty easily see the outline of a bulge even when its just hanging there. When I go to work I move down the carriage and always try to chose a place standing up carriage next to a nice looking woman. I stand facing her holding the overhead hand-hold and of course this puts my bulge at round about eye level. As I typically am wearing a suit jacket with my arm above my head holding the handrail it also somewhat hides my bulge from the other passengers, making it only visible to the woman I am facing. Most people listen to their eyepod nowadays with their eyes roaming the carriage for anything interesting to look at. It usually takes about 30 seconds for me to see out of the corner of my eye quick glances to my bulge followed by longer stares as she realises I'm not looking at her and I'm pretending I'm not interested. Of course I can see her looking at my bulge and this turns me on. I begin to get erect and as I'm wearing thin material lose trousers she can clearly see my full erection growing down my trouser leg with the outline of my **** totally clear. Once I did an experiment in the mirror with my thinnest light grey summer suit trousers on. It was actually possible to see the outline of my **** head when I was erect. I've been doing this for over 2 years now and never once had a woman move away to sit somewhere else or look like she was getting uncomfortable. Probably the trick is not to stare at her but to pretend nothing is happening. Once I get to work I usually go in the gents and slip on some boxer shorts! If anyone reading this was on the Victoria line between Kings Cross and Vauxhall at around 08.00 on any weekday in the past 2 years you might have seen my bulge. he he he
patrick7676 patrick7676 31-35, M 4 Responses Sep 5, 2010

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Yeah here in the states I go out of my way to show my bulge sometimes, I have some shorts and sweats that show it off obnoxiously but no one seems to have a look. It's disappointing actually....

Nope. Haven't tried it myself but I have seen chicks move away from guys who have!

Not so sure about that Brad. You ever tried this yourself? or you just guessing??

That is hysterical! Here in the States, the woman would have most likely sat somewhere else.