Huge Hardon At The Beach

today I was at the beach and got the biggest hardest hard on I've had all summer. usually when I get hard there, it's a semi-hard erection that I don't really give two thoughts about. I just don't think about it and it goes down. today, not only was it not going down, it kept getting harder and bigger while I was riding my bike. so much so that I was self conscious about it and looking back and forth to see if anyone was looking. It had mainly to do with this cute surfer chick that cut in front of me in a tiny bikini that couldn't even cover her ***. her *** crack was showing. anyway she looked damn sexy.

so there I was riding my bike, and trying to shield my big ******* hardon with my leg so no one would notice. it was actually kinda funny, I was kinda chuckling. when it looked like no one was looking I would glance down and see what it looked like. luckily it didn't really seem to stand out that much as my **** was kind of off to the right closer to my leg. A big part of it was how I was feeling, I felt like it was so hard everyone who went by would be able to see. I was wearing dark blue adidas kinda of sweat pants and shook them a little to make it better. once I saw it didn't look too bad I said **** it, maybe some girls that enjoy looking will catch a glimpse. only girls that were looking at my crotch would see it anyway so if they saw it , it means they wanted to see it. so with that I continued pedaling down the path turned on that maybe some girls would enjoy seeing the hard bulge protruding from my pants.
cuckyboy4u cuckyboy4u
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2 Responses Oct 22, 2011

Thanks for relaying this experience!! A hard-on in a public situation is a real turn-on. I love having them and love seeing them on others as well!I look forward to hearing more of your adventures.
Naked Sissy Stephie

i almost always catch myself staring at guys crotches. i don't really mean to! but if i do see something i gets me pretty hot. i friggen love when guys have hard-ons..