Well, We've Talked About It...

I love how my wife gives head and she knows she does it well.  Has always been told by her exs that she was good.  Ill go into that in another story but for now I want to share an interesting experience I had with her.  During sex I sometimes have her suck my fingers while Im banging her and tell her, yea, suck him and her only response is a moan... very hot!

Anyway, one evening we were relaxing one evening without the kids, had a couple of drinks and she began to give me head.  While she teased me with her tongue and lips I told her I had a fantasy.   

  She asked what it was and got me to tell her abut what I had envisioned her doing.  I told her it would turn me on to see her being and talking sexy in a bar.  Specifically, if we were in conversation with a couple of guys and got into sex talk with them. At some point it would be exciting to talk about you to them.  How you give great ********.  The talking would center on your big lips, how in college your nick name was BJL for ******* lips,  and maybe details of how you do it.

 So I got all hot and had to **** her.  I got behind her while she had her hands on the bed. I am banging into her beautiful *** so hard and then I get an image of her demonstrating her technique on a beer bottle for the guy or guys to see how she does it, so I ask her, “what would you do if he asked you to show your technique on a beer bottle?” and she says in her panting voice, “It depends on how drunk I am…”

 I keep ******* her harder now as I picture her walking into a bathroom or into the back of our car to show a guy just how good she is.  And I say the next thought on my mind, “what if,” and she cuts me off to say, “I was just thinking that!”  and she seemed really excited!  So I went on to say,” ...so if he asked for a personal demonstration of your technique…?”  and she pants, “It depends on how drunk I am!”  I banged her so hard and just kept saying how hot she is, how hot that would be… my little ******* **** (only in our hottest moments can I blurt that out)  and she just answers each comment with a loud moan until I *** loudly into her….

Later we had a conversation in the bathroom. She asks me so you want me to give a stranger a *******?  That seemed erotic in itself to be asked by her.  I was honest and said I think its exciting but don’t know if I could handle the jealousy.  I told her that I just thin she does it so well that I sometimes wonder how others would like it and would fantasize about it and I asked her if she thought it was weird.  She said no!  That's cool of her.  When we talked further we got into who if it was possible would she be most comfortable with stranger a friend which friend.  I offered an old boyfriend that lives nearby, Pete, and she said she cold do that…!  She believes she could make that happen and that he absolutely would.  I had to point out that he would probably tell his friend Charlie, but… she believed she could get him to keep it private.  I wanted to shoot a load in her mouth right there just for the way she was talking!  Later she did believe that it probably would get spread around the friends. 

 I at least want to have another conversation with her about it and see if …maybe… I could talk her into doing it!

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2 Responses Feb 28, 2010

I'm in the same damn boat. I so much wanna see my gal blowing somebody but we can't figure who! It's a catch 22 cause you don't really want a complete stranger and you don't really want a bad rumor or reputation going around. But you really want this and I feel your dilemma! I'll keep you posted if you keep me posted. My girl said she really wants to do it but the biggest question is who! Can't get passed that. But it just seem that a good friend is the best answer because that's what good friends are for! Not to be judgemental, be supportive, and helpful. When life is ****** up we call good friends, when it's time to move and need help we call... When we celebrate it's with... So why not in this situation?

Good luck withnthat, keep us posted!