Our Second Time

My wife and I had really embarked on a journey where there was no turning back.  Getting stoned all the time and being horny as hell can lead to all sorts of experiences.  My being verbal every time we had any sex also set the stage for my wife to always think about doing more and more, especially involving other guys.  We went through various stages too,  starting with my friend Charlie ( with the monstercock mentioned elsewhere) whom she ********** for months before finally getting ****** and then it was combo nites for some more months, sucking and *******, sometimes with my participation (MFM type) and more often not (Charlie was always wanting to be with her alone). I got a lot of visual fun and excitement all the time and she certainly got a great deal of pleasure (which I wanted for her).  The next time we got together after our first time with him, we stopped at his apartment to visit.  He was laying on his bed in his jockeys when we got there.  He kept staring at my wife and she kept staring at his **** which occupied a great deal of his jockeys...and he wasn't even hard yet.  It doesn't take much to figure what happened next, and we weren't even high.  She kept looking at his crotch and his growing member.  He knew and she knew what was going to go down (her obviously) as he kept watching her step closer, say "Hi" and rub his now very erect monster ****.  In about one heartbeat she pulled down his shorts and grabbed his ****, ******* him off slowly. She then got on her knees and started slurping on his ****.  I was beside myself, I got so hard watching the two of them.  When she repositioned herself so she was on her hands and knees as he sat on the side of the bed while she sucked on him, I raised her miniskirt and pulled aside her panties and filled her **** with my very stiff **** and proceeded to pump her.  Each push would send his **** head into her mouth.  This lasted only 15 minutes before I came in her ***** and he came in her mouth holding her head so she couldn't back away if she tried (she wouldn't though, she was loving this).  Charlie put his shorts back on and we got dressed and left after the usual verbal exchange and see ya later stuff. She said that was the best so far, with a **** in each end and was looking forward to more.  Needless to say, her wish came true.

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4 Responses Mar 2, 2010

So hot. My wife loved giving blow jobs and I loved to watch

Isn't that just so deliciously obscene?

I've watched really raunchy **** and realized I've seen my wife do just the same

And it's live action right there in front of you AND then your turn!!!

Great story. There is no point in denying what you both want. Such a sexy hot wife!

She likes to watch your face when you *** too and will get very active with her tongue to make it as intense as she can (fondles your balls at the same time). She just loves ****.

Are you two on the lookout for any new friends? Your lifestyle fits mine to a "T"! Bill in Va.

Does the "T" you mention stand for throat???

Throat...****... ****... No order intended! <grin>