Hottie In Guadalmina Beach

I was walking one day in Guadalmina (neighbourhood in Marbella, southern spain) and I decided to go look at the sea for a bit. When I arrived at the Guadalmina beach, it was quiet (as usual, very few people go to that beach). In the whole beach there was only a guy on his own sunbathing like 30m to my right, then 2 or 3 old women sunbathing like 15m to my right, then to my amazement, 10m to my left, there was a guy sunbathing with his hot girlfriend/wife. She was blonde with very nice ****.. they were big but not MASSIVE. and very nicely shaped.. i couldn't really tell whether they were real or fake, but they were nice anyway.. It was kinda hard to guess her exact age, but as a rough guess I would say she was about 30.. Her body shape was perfect.. She was VERY suntanned! She was wearing this bikini top that only covers the nipples but shows the rest of the ***.. and the bottom part of her bikini looked like a normal bikini from the front, but then from the back i saw it was actually a thong, exposing her juicy ***.. Her man was sunbathing and she was standing next to him rubbing some oil/cream/lotion all over her body.. a show for me.. then she went in the sea and started like rubbing sea water all over her.. then when she came out she spat like a little drop of sea water out of her mouth (turned me on to see that, dunno why.. maybe i subconsciously imagined her spitting on my ****) Then she just continued to stand by her man, moving her wet body slightly, as if she was drying herself in the sun.. i kept watching her and I was getting a *****.. She was seriously so ****** hot!
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1 Response May 11, 2012

if her bf/husband wasn't looking i would so badly **** her with my eyes.. and if she was alone i would have gone over and started flirting.. sounds hot as ****!