Hottie In Urb. Campos De Guadalmina

In August 2011 I was in Guadalmina Alta, a neighborhood in Marbella, small city in the south of Spain. I was sunbathing by the swimming pool of the apartment block where I lived (I lived in a place called UrbanizaciĆ³n Campos de Guadalmina) and every day I saw this hot chick who came to sunbathe by the pool while her 2 young daughters swam in it.
I can't tell her exact age but as a rough guess I would say she was about 30. She had blonde hair and this hot pair of **** that looked as if they were silicone implants. She had a tattoo on her right shoulder. She wore sunglasses so I couldn't tell what eye color she had. Her face was quite hot, and her legs were very hot. She was a true milf. The top part of her bikini only covered her nipples but it showed the rest of the ***. She wore these denim shorts when she arrived at the pool, and it was hot seeing her taking them off, felt like she was stripping. Sometimes, when her kids wanted to go to the bathroom, she followed them, and when she came back she had to walk passed me in her bikini, and I just stared at her and checked her out right in front of her, it was so obvious I was looking at her. She noticed me looking but never said anything. Also, when she was sunbathing on her hammock, I walked passed her a few times just to see her **** from close-by.
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1 Response May 14, 2012

man, i would **** her with my eyes.. i would flirt with her every single day.. maybe even invite her to my apartment if she was single, have a few drinks, and who knows =P