Pantyhose Bondage Sex

I am not gay or a crossdresser, but I've experienced some sexual events which have promped me to write about. During one pleasant night, my lady casually told me that "these hands have to go". Once we got home, she went to the bedroom and began laying out several pairs of her pantyhose on the bed. It was arousing to watch her run her opened fingers through the sheer nylon fabric. She told me to ***** and gave me a black pair of silky pantyhose to put on, which I did without hesitation. She removed her slacks and top exposing the fact that she was wearing the exact same type and shade of sheer sexy nylons. "Put your hands behind your back", came next. I thought I was going to explode in her pantyhose as she drew the legs up over my arms and shoulders She pulled both of my arms together into one leg of several pairs of sheer nylon, all the while telling me how I would never escape her pantyhose prison. I cannot tell you how exhillerating this is. She pushed me back on the bed and straddled me while sliding her legs against mine and pushing on the rock hard bulge in the reinforced silky panty. From the position of sitting on my chest with her black, silky *** facing me, she began to slide down and, using her knees, pulled my legs together. She then placed both of my legs within one leg of sheer pantyhose and pulled them all the way up, insisting that I lift in order for her to bring them above my hips. For the first time in my life I felt fear at the same time as being sexually aroused. There were more pairs slid over my legs until, I believe, she could not wait any longer and turned back pulling her nylons to her knees, and mine to my crotch, as she inserted me, she pulled a beige silky pantyhose over my face declaring that she was my pantyhose executioner. People, let me tell you this: the combination of fear during femminen bondage and the sensation of her nylon legs sliding against mine, while being held down has definately created a niche for me, if not a full fetish.
Its really something else to walk in public after this experience. Needless to say, there cannot be another.
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Like,we need some more encasement stories

Great story. NC x