Her First Black ****

My gf and I have been in this lifestyle for about two years now, and the subject of a black guy has always been a huge turn-on. She really enjoys anal with me and is open to dp as long as it doesn't hurt. Well, we recently put up an add and had a 34 year old black man that was about 20 minutes away, so we invited him over. She got dressed in one of my favorite dresses. A clingy, thin brown tube top that showed off her amazing nipples and ***! We started just talking in the couch watching a movie and then she wanted to see his ****. He made her pull down her dress and he started squeezing her nipples as she pulled out his 7 inch uncut black ****. He only let her suck him for a second before he was between her legs. I loved listening to her moans and watching him lick her shaved ***** and squeeze her ****. I loved the contrast of their skin colors. He kept saying "You are so sexy". We moved across the hall to the bedroom where they removed their clothes and started pleasing another in the 69 position. They stayed there for about 15 minutes before he put in his condom and started slowly sliding his **** in my gorgeous gf. A few minutes in he started complaining about the condom so I asked if he was okay with barebacking her and ******* in her ***. He quickly agreed and was soon licking and stretching her *** with his fingers and tongue. He had he bend over and she started sucking me as he worked his duck in her ***. I could feel her tensing up, but she was soon taking all of him. I loved feeling her body move against me while he was ******* her from behind. He pulled out and started ******* and I knew my gf was close so I started rubbing her **** and her ***. Watching the two of them *** at the same time was incredible. We had our guest dress and leave and I was soon in her mouth for the first of 2 climaxes I had that night! She is incredible!!!
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lol great ma then how about your ****, after the huge black?

wow sounds great no clean up?


She is incredible and you are lucky!

sounds like fun...we would love to join in