No Relief For A Teenboy`s Bursting Bladder!

In the little town where i live, there was a student, who made some little works for money.Once i had to bring some pieces of furniture to a town about 3 1/2 hours from my place.I asked this boy for help and he did agree.I did not realy needed him to help, because there was somebody at this town for help, but i did not want to make this 7 hour trip alone, i wanted to have this young, cute boy beside me and i wanted to try to make him hold his pee for the entiere day.The boy, let him call John, asked what cloth he need for this work."Only a short and a T- shirt" was my answer.He came early at the morning on this day and i had a little breakfast for him and coffee and orangejuice for his bladder.We went with a little lorry, it was nice to talk with him and i loved it to see his slender, nacked and very smooth boy legs. I like nude boy legs, especial if they are so slim and so smooth, like the legs from this teenboy was.After we had deliverd, we went for something to eat. I stopped wilful at a kind of kiosk where there was no loo.I was shure that he needed to go, i could see it at his moves, but he did not say anything.A lage coke for his bladder was a good invest for my joy and lust.We went back to our pickup and about 1/2 hour later i stopped at a petrolstation.I told him to stay in the car, because i leave all my things inside and i want not lock the car.I went to pay the petrol, to buy 2 lage coks and to take a much needed **** - the boy did not see me  go to the loo.As i came back he started to speak "Can i ....." I did know what he wanted aske me, but i wanted to make him hold, so i interrupt him, talked something other and started the engin.He was a good boy, he did hold it.A little bit later, i opend the 2 coks and did give one to him.He wanted not  take it, he did know why and i did know it too, but i saied"Take it, it`s open and i can`t drink both". He was a good boy, he did drink it even his bladder was full. 1 hour later, he needed to go real bad, but he still did not say anything, if he thoght i did not look at him - but i saw him at the window, it was like a mirrow - he pressed his hands hard in his crotch and squeezed his ****.There was ony one more station with a loo on the motorway back hom, this station i had to pass and then there was no more possibility to stopp till our home, then he had to hold it. After a while he needed so bad that he could not hide his urge,he rubbed his knees, he did bent over, but he did not say anything and i did not aske.Sometimes later he stated again to aske"Can we please ... " and again i did not let him speak and talked some other.As we passed the station, he looked yearning to the loos and then he said"Sorry but i can`t wait any longer" I did know what he did mean, but i wanted hear it from him and so i asked " What for are you waiting?" and he said"for a pee, i needed to go since we was on the way to this city, i did hold it till now, but now i can`t wait any longer - sorry" I said "I am sorry for you, this was the last loo and there is no more place to stopp on our way home, i am realy sorry for you, but now you must hold it - why did you not say it earlier". I was not sorry - i was horny to see him suffer. He told me that he normaly easy can go a day without to pee, but today it`s different, maybe he had to much to drink he did mean. He had badluck, there was a accident and we only could go very slow, stopp and go.He was nearly crazy from his urge and his painfull need,he did gripe his thighs - he had a short short so they where nacked- he griped it very hard with his hands, he rupped his knees, he did bent over, he was more then desperate. " I am so sorry that i act like a little boy, but i need to go so bad"he said. I could see that his tummy was swollen from his overfilled bladder, i wanted to talk about his need and so i said"Your bladder is swollen and bulging, you realy must have to go bad, i am sorry that you must suffer". He told me that he never had to **** sooo bad and painfull in his life, then now.He did fight against his body, against his bladder full to explode, but he could  hold it till we was at my house.As soon as he was  out of the car, he started to **** on the street.He was so sorry he said, but he could not wait for the loo. He did not want take money from me,"it is a shame for a boy with 16 to act like this. I did give him double - one part for the work and one part for pain money for his bladder. I was realy bad from me to torture this boy. Poor boy!
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TBH this is really amazing English

your english isn't bad at all. this is very hot. was he able to take it out before he started to pee? how long did he pee for?

He could not really talk it out before he started to pee. He did get out very slowly from the van. I think that every move did hurt his overfilled bladder. He crossed his nude, slender legs as soon he was out. I think first he thought that he could make it to the loo, but than it was to much for him, he did push the very short cutoff jeans up on his left thigh and did take his co. .. out for to pee, but he started before it was total out, so that a few drops was running down on his smooth, nude leg. Than he pissed with high pressure for nearly one minute so much hot pee on the road, that it was nearly unbelievable for me that he could hold so much in his bladder. That must have hurt him a lot.You can't imagine how arousing that was for me. The boy was near to tears. After he was ready I thought, what would have happened when i did drive a longer way, so that he had to wait 1/2 hour longer, could he endure that or would he have pissed in my car. Magst du es wenn Jungs so ganz dringend müssten aber nicht können oder nicht dürfen?

wow. i would have been so aroused too. i think he would have pissed in the car if it were any longer

Damn, that's a really hot story! I would love to be that boy. :-)

What did he have on so you could see him buldge? I once was so full I had to losen my pants as it was to tight on my bladder on a road trip.I was full to my navel. It was great to let it out.

It was a long trip and I did not know I was getting so full. I did ask for a break and the next stop was about 1 1/2 and a half later. I did not want to sound like a little kid so I just kep holding. It was the soda that was hitting my sort full bladder that made it push out like that. I could fell it going down and back in when I let it out.

Hi shorekid, he did wear - like the Fashion for young Boys to that time was - a short cutoff Jeans and a tight T Shirt. He was very slim and his Short was very smal so that his overfilled ans swollen Bladder did not have enough Space to stretch. After some time he could not endure the Pressure from his Pants on his poor Bladder, he could not enture the painfull Urge to pee, so he did open 2 Buttons of his little Short. His Belly was nude from his Navel down, so i could see his swollen Bladder bulging out from his flat Belly. His Short was realy short too, so that his slim, smooth Thighs was nude far over his Knees. He needed to pee so bad that i could see when hedid squeesed his Thighmuscles hard to hold his pee in. The poor Boy did suffer like crazy, but i did love that - sorry. I did love that he could not take a much needed pee for so long. Do you like to hold your Pee? Do you like if someone have to hold it? Boys or Girls? Both? How did it feel for you at your long trip when your Bladder was up to your Navel? Did you have more Experience where you had to hold a bursting Bladder.

I do not mind when I am a bit full, but not when it hurts. When I was about 10 or so my friends went to see how could pee further. The next time we were to try this I held my pee. This was the first time I held it for a long time. I held till it felt full and I had to hold it in. This was the first time I could see a bulge, not huge but I could see it. It let me pee very far and my friends were asking how I could pee so far but I did not tell them. Later when I was a teen I woke up with a ***** and need to pee bad. I went to shower and to JO as I can not pee when hard. I came very quckly. It feld good so on another day I held it until I was full to navel, and when it was about to hurt I went back to shower and to JO and statstared to *** in one min or less. I could hold in more but it would hurt.

Do you like to hold it?

I knew I needed to pee but drank soda any way. I thought we would stop soon. At first I just had a full feel that went away. Later the full feel did not go away. Thats when I had soda and chips. Later I had to start holding it in and my bladder stared to get cramps. I tried not to look like I had to go as my sister would make fun of me. I did rub my bladder once but that made it worse. At the end I could still hold it, but when I went to get out and walk it hurt and was real hard to hold in. Even after I let it out my bladder was a bit sore for an hour or so.

How full is your bladder now?

Thank you for your Answer. What was your longest Time without a pee? Did you ever measure how much pee you can hold in your Bladder? Are you slim so that you can see your Bladder bulging out when it is overfilled? Do you like if someone need to pee and hold a full Bladder for Hours?

I am not sure how long I have held for, but I know I have held it from before bed then in school and went when I got home. I guess I went at shower time at 8 and got home at 3:30. I never mesured how much I can hold. I will make another post. Yes I am slim and if I am even a bit full you can see it.

You mean you peed before bed at evening. and than no pee in the morning. You did hold it till evening? Your bladder must have been up to your navel!?Great that you are slim so you can watch your bladder grow.

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I'm sorry but I could not read this. The grammar was too horrid.

I am realy sorry that my english is so bad that you can`t read it. English is not my mother tongue. What do you think is it better for me, to stopp to write in english or would it be better if you stopp to read my stories? Dont you think you are a little bit too overbearing ?!!

Your English is not that bad.

Thank you! Danke, ich denke wenn man, so wie wir es tun, über eine bestimmte Lust und Neigung schreibt, so ist der Inhalt wichtiger als der Schreibstiel. Mein Englisch ist eben leider nicht besser, ich finde aber die Aussage von yoeyscock69 ist unnötig und überheblich? LG

That was a hot story! This is a fantasy of mine to take a hot, muscular guy on a road trip and give him a ton of drinks and test out his bladder capacity, knowing he would not want to look weak and ask to stop for a ****.

Did you ever make a Boy hold his pee for hours on end? Do you like to hold you own pee?

Thank you for the Information Paul, but i can`t find Greg folland. Is he here at EP?

Thank you.